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About Us

Just like in real life....

you need to prepare for the future,

but equally important,

capture the present....

with a timeless Portrait.

People still see and remember.

They want time to stand still in some instances

or to be recalled in every detail.

They want to remember the good and the beautiful,

the charming and the delightful,

the lovely and the kindly.

Loved ones grow up and leave. Parents grow old and forget.

At times all that is left is a portrait and a memory..........

Thank you for selecting us to create portraits for you.

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

The high standards we set for ourselves reflect in our portraiture and our service to you.

Although their list of accomplishments places them at the top of the portrait profession, Hatcher Portrait Design credits their true success to the grace and blessings of our Lord.


Hatcher Portrait Design

14547 Ricmnond Hwy

PO Box 1077

Appomattox, VA 24522